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Introducing the International Spy Museum

Opened for public in Washington, DC on July 19, 2002, the International Spy Museum is the only public museum in the United States solely dedicated to espionage and the only one in the world providing a global perspective on an all-but-invisible profession that has shaped history and continues to have a significant impact on world events.

The International Spy Museum features the biggest accumulation of worldwide secret artifacts ever placed on public display. Many of these objects are being seen by the public for the first time. These artifacts illuminate the work of famous spies and pivotal espionage actions as well as help bring to life the strategies and techniques of the men and women behind some of the most secretive espionage missions in world history.

The mission of the International Spy museum is to coach the general public regarding undercover work and intelligence in an enticing means and to supply a context that fosters understanding of their vital role in and impact on current and historic events. The museum focuses on human intelligence and divulges the role spies have vie in world events throughout history. it’s committed to the nonpolitical presentation of the history of undercover work so as to supply guests with impartial, correct info.

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