Mens David S. Pumpkins Costume

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What’s the Deal With Pumpkins? Who is David S. Pumpkins? We’re not sure. Where did he come from? No one actually knows, excluding those skeletons that are at all times dancing next to him. What’s with the dancing skeletons? It’s a mystery. Why does he like pumpkins so much? We think it has something to do with his last name, but we actually can’t confirm or deny that. So then, what does the S stand for? Okay, here’s a question that we CAN answer. It’s Simon. David Simon Pumpkin. Why do we like him so much? You know, we don’t actually have a good answer for that. Despite not much being known about Mr. Pumpkins, he is totally amazing. You either look past all of the questions and get it… or you stare at him and just wonder what the big deal is. This David S. Pumpkins costume is for those who get it. Everyone else? Well, they are able to just look at this costume making a weird face even as mumbling, “I don’t fairly get it.” Product Details This costume is an officially licensed outfit based on the Saturday Night Live character. The jacket is black and has quite a few orange pumpkins on the exterior. It has buttons in the front, but everyone knows that the real David likes to keep it loose and open. He’s a casual guy. The matching pants continue the glide of the outfit and have an elastic band in the waist for fitting. The tie adds the finishing zing to the costume, so you’ll be ready to give every a solid Halloween thumbs up this year. Dancers in the Mix Of course, it’s hard to be David S. Pumpkins without some skeletons dancers in the mix. You’ll want to find a few friends to dress up as your beat boy crew to get the full effect. Not everyone will get what’s going on, but that’s all a part of the David S. Pumpkins fun! – Jacket – Pants – Tie

Size: Medium
100% polyester
Jacket has center-front buttons, 2 false pocket flaps
Pants have elastic waistband
Pre-tied necktie sewn to elastic neck band